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My passion for working with my hands started when I was a teenager working on bikes and performance cars.  My gearhead tendencies and some innate skill at math and science led me to study Mechanical Engineering (Go Badgers!) and I found my career calling in product development.  After 30 years in product development I am transitioning to what I am referring to as semi-retirement.  Long story short, I need to spend less time behind a computer and more time working with my hands. 


DIY Fab Shop is my creative outlet which I hope will inspire others to tackle similar projects.  I'm not a pro fabricator, my content will involve learning and experimenting, which for me is what makes DIYing so rewarding. The channel content will focus on covering my exploits associated with:

  • Building out my "Dream" workshop

  • Design and fabricating tools and accessories

  • ​​Racing a 2003 Lexus IS300 race car in the Champcar Endurance Racing Series (

  • Building a classic muscle car for Optima's Search for the Ultimate Street Car (


Please join me on this exciting journey!


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